"B & K Builders, LLC. did a wonderful job building our pole building.  The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship were both what we had hoped for.  Thank you B & K Builders!" --Todd & Michelle

"B & K Builders, LLC. did an excellent job!  I am looking forward to calling them back for another project we will be doing.  They did a great job building our Special Purpose Solar Barn.  I am very appreciative of all they did."  -- Peter S.

"B & K Builders, LLC. did a really good job.  We were very happy with the end result of our project.  The company was referred to us."  -- David & Judy A.

The following pictures is the restoration of a Commercial building project...

"B & K Builders, LLC.  did a great job building my barn from beginning to end.  My family and I are very pleased with the end result and enjoy using the barn.  I will gladly recommend them to others."

"Ben and his crew worked very well for us.  I was very pleased with my two pole sheds they built.  I used them before and I will use them again."  --Leon H., Salem, NJ

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